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Friday, May 6, 2011

How it all started

When I look back at the times which have passed by, I realize how things have taken a different turn. Life always has some other plans for you in store and surprises that you can never really think of. When I started of my post-graduation, I had no idea how things will change. At times, I wonder how from being complete strangers, we developed a strong bond of friendship and came along such a long way. I still remember the first day when I had come to college.

Mohit  It was drizzling outside and I met him on my way to the class. He was wearing his camouflaged shorts and a white tee. He asked me the way to the department, not being aware of the fact that I was heading there too.
I was feeling a bit uneasy before stepping inside, so I stood out and enjoyed the rain for a while. I saw Aakriti and Ritika peeping from inside to see who all were entering. I entered the classroom and took a seat at the end of the row. I don’t remember much who came on the first day. Then I saw a guy in green shirt with white stripes sitting in the front and he was Rohan.

After lunch I was sitting all alone, then came Anu in her Aladin pants and sat next to me. First day was kind of hard as we all got a lecture from Ambrish Sir and I was thinking how long this torture would last. Second day was quite eventful. We had a class with Sweta mam in the studio. Mohit was damn funny and he did earn himself a reputation of being a loud person. A hell lot of things happened on the other day. Anu started off with the zodiac signs thing wherein we had a chat about the characteristics of a person. Rohan was sitting right next to her and seemed a little out of place. On my way back to home, I bumped into Pramod. I got to know that he stayed near my place and that’s how we became friends.

Danish  Usually, I used to sit with Mohit. Then one day, Danish came and sat next to me. We didn’t talk much. I had barely interacted with him till the time Campus Buzz hadn’t started. We were in the same group and that’s how I got to know him once we started working together for Buzz.
It took us some time to get to know one another. Me, Mohit, Danish, Pramod and Rohan used to sit and eat our lunch together and that’s how we became friends slowly. After some time, it was just the four of us and Pramod changed his seat.

Tanya  I hadn’t noticed Tanya in the class initially. But I do remember her purple t-shirt and her black and blue Reebok floaters that she used to wear. I remember Pramod telling me once that it was difficult to distinguish one girl from the other in their group as they all looked alike because of their fair complexion. I noticed her for the first time, when we had gone to puppets’ museum. While exiting from the museum, I was having a friendly chat with Gitika and there Tanya was busy wearing her floaters and waiting for Gitika to quickly wind up her talk. The same evening we all had gone to watch the play “Hamlet”.

Then I spoke to her for the first time when we attended the Sufi concert. My interaction with her was limited initially. Once their group had to stay back late in the evening, working for the Buzz thing. Me, Mohit and Nidhi had gone to drop Tanya to the bus-stop at night. While working for the practicals, our interaction grew. We became friends quite late while working together for organizing the farewell party.

With Ujaley, Mustaquim and Mohnish I hit off well during the AIR days. As days passed by, I saw Ujaley was quite contrary to the image he had in the class. I found him a decent chap.

Ginni  I took no notice of Ginni in the class. Her presence wasn’t felt until “Above the line” happened. Pramod and Ginni were asked to anchor the event. That was the first time I interacted with Ginni. She seemed to be very coy, reserved and naive when I first had a word with her. I got an impression that she wasn’t able to adjust herself to the fast life of Delhi and its culture. Little did I know at that point of time that looks can be so deceptive? She was a different person altogether at the end of the first semester and was way ahead of me.

Charlie’s Angels  I became friends with Garima, Ratika and Megha in the third semester as they were the only souls apart from our group who used to wander in USMC. Our interaction with them grew more as they used to come to college regularly. All of us used to chill and spend time together and so, we became friends.


  1. hahahahaha, memories... i loved it... keep it up... and yeah... i didnt change seats... i got lil busy... lol...

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