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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Metro is a boon and a bane for us at the same time.Of late,It has become really hard for women to commute in the Metro as it is extremely over-crowded so much so that sometimes,there is no room to stand and breathe with ease.Whenever I travel in Metro,I feel very uncomfortable as anybody can breach my personal space easily.I have a hard time travelling in Metro,considering the fact that there are some perverted men around who exploit the situation to their advantage.I was delighted when I got to know about the women's coach and I thought it would be a big relief for us.But, I had forgotten that this is India, wherein, people are so reluctant to the idea of change.Things can never be smoothly implemented without any hurdles.I fail to understand how some men can be so shameless that they continue to travel in women's coach.I can give benefit of doubt to some of them who may not be aware of this latest development in the Metro. But I have seen that there are literate men also who travel in women's compartment.One thing which irritates me to the core is when some women ask these men to leave,they start murmurring among themselves, "Oh, what do these women think of themselves"! It hurts their ego so badly that some of them just start acting stubbornly & are not ready to budge at all.Instead of giving way to logical reasoning and understanding women's perspective,they tend to act in a rather insensitive manner.Men shouldn't think that this is a war-like situation, wherein, women are trying to show their supremacy by fighting for their rights.
Why is it so hard for men to understand a simple thing that their own daughters,sisters,wives,mothers who face harassment while travelling in the very same metro?It is not possible for these women to commute safely without men's support & co-operation.Although I know,our (Indians') reaction to change is very slow & we are not exactly regarded as a law-abiding nation.I would still expect men to realise things & act a little responsibly.