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Monday, October 4, 2010

My heart is brimming with pleasure

Amidst so many controversies and criticism regarding the Commonwealth games, people were sceptical about the games but we still managed to pull the Opening ceremony off. Just when almost everybody had started to lose hopes,this kind of a grand opening was needed to lift up the spirits and to boost India's morale.This will perhaps set the example of "Action speaks louder than words".Till now,a lot of negative publicity has already been done.Now is the time to put aside our own differences about the games and to work towards making it a success.Yesterday's Opening ceremony has again instilled faith in us that we have the potential to do something big.

This doesn't mean that one can simply overlook the massive corruption and the careless easy going attitude with which the preparations were carried out.We cannot deny the fact that it has seriously tarnished our image.There is a need to hold people accountable who have brought shame to our nation.But,the need of the hour is to look beyond this and save our country's face by leaving no stone unturned.Yesterday,India put up a good show and I wish the games turn out to be well in the coming days without any glitches.

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