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Monday, August 15, 2011


Sitting in the lap of nature in the balcony, sipping a hot steaming cup of coffee while reading a book, and listening to some good classic rock numbers. That’s the way I am spending my Independence Day. Gazing up in the sky, I can see the sky covered with dark clouds, which is like cherry on the cake, making the weather perfect. The kites flying in the open sky which is infinite, talking to the wind, move up in speed, when the strings are let loose . The orange, green, white, blue, yellow, red: kites in all different colours, flying high in the sky unleash your spirit too. I would say this is freedom.

Breaking the monotony of mundane life, taking some time out for myself, is the way I’d like to define freedom. When I can sit peacefully at a corner, without worrying about anything which needs to be taken care of, it’s freedom. We all are so much caught up in things we do on a daily routine basis, that it leaves us with no time for ourselves. So why not indulge in things that we love to do, without being guilty conscious to celebrate Independence Day. I know not everybody is having an off today, but those who are having, take some time off and pamper yourselves. On rest of the days, we anyway have to live life like corporate slaves by working our asses’ off. So seize the day and make the most of it. Happy Independence Day!

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